Asphalt Bitumens: What are they?

Asphalt bitumens are petroleum-derived products that have two fundamental properties that make them very suitable for use in road construction:

  • Asphalt bitumens are binders: they allow to unite materials of different nature in a single set.
  • Asphalt bitumens are thermoplastic: they soften with heat and harden when they cool.

Asphalt bitumens agglomerate and give cohesion to bituminous mixtures and are the main responsible for their properties. Ultimately, asphalt bitumens are responsible for ensuring that a road has the necessary properties to make it a high-quality, safe, resistant road with the least possible environmental impact.

Types of Asphalt Bitumens

There is a great diversity of asphalt bitumens, although it is worth highlighting those that have recycled waste in their composition that provide a variety of characteristics that improve the quality of asphalt mixtures, such as:

  • Rubber modified bitumens, with end of life tire (ELT) powder.
  • Polymer modified bitumens, also completed, in our case, with rubber powder.

It is important to point out that CIRTEC uses the so-called “wet route” to manufacture and supply asphalt bitumen with tire powder, in which an initial mixing of conventional bitumen with ELT powder is carried out, and in its In the case of polymers, and subsequently the product resulting from said mixture is subjected to a digestion process in which the ELT powder particles, and polymers, are integrated into the structure of conventional bitumen, modifying its properties.

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