COMPOSAN - Cirtec distributor in SPAIN

Composan Industrial y Tecnología is a Spanish company of recognized international prestige. Its activity encompasses research, design, development, manufacture, and distribution of products for floors and pavements, providing quality solutions for roads, industrial floors and sports floors.

COMPOSAN promotes the reuse of waste in its products and services, favoring the Circular Economy and generating a positive impact on the environment.

COMPOSAN Industrial y Tecnología Products

Among Composan Industrial and Technology’s specialties is the provision of effective technical solutions for roads and airport runways, with Cirtec’s RARx rubber powder additive being one of its most important products.

Contact COMPOSAN Industrial y Tecnología

(+34) 918 950 968

C/Narciso Monturiol s/n, P. I. Rompecubas, 28341 Valdemoro, Madrid