BioRoad Ecological additive for semi-hot asphalt mixes

Additive for asphalt made with residues from the production of olive oil, residual oils and innovative components such as graphene

What is BioRoad, Ecological Additive for asphalt?

BioRoad is a last generation asphalt additive, based on an amphiphilic surfactant based on ecological residual vegetable fatty acid ester enriched with graphene that provides a longer duration of asphalt concrete while improving manufacturing, spreading and compaction processes.

Ecological additive for semi-hot asphalt mixes (manufactured between 100°C to 140°C), enriched with graphene that provides relevant improvements in the production process of asphalt mixes.

For every 1,000L of additive used in manufacturing, you will be collaborating with the environment by allocating up to 300L of waste olive oil (alpechín) and up to 400L of recycled vegetable oil.

How do you work with BioRoad?

  • The behavior of BioRoad after being incorporated into the bituminous mix can be interpreted as a tack-promoting additive and/or an additive for making and spreading warm.
  • BioRoad can be added to the mixer, bitumen scale or bitumen tank. Whichever is easier for the operation.

What are the advantages of working with BioRoad, Ecological Additive?

Asphalt mixes made with BioRoad have numerous advantages in different aspects, among which it is worth highlighting those described below.

Performance Advantages of BioRoad, Ecological Additive for asphalt

  • It allows manufacturing temperatures to be reduced to 100°C and compaction temperatures to 80°C.
  • Its rheological modifier effect on the mix provides better wrapping and dispersion of the binder with the aggregates, favoring greater workability in paving and compaction.
  • Improves the adhesiveness between aggregate-binder, therefore also improving the affinity and sensitivity to water.
  • It dissolves completely and quickly in hot bitumen, and can be combined with any grade, including polymer-modified bitumens (PMB), rubber-modified bitumens (CRMB) and bitumens with rubber additives (RARx).
  • It is a product without odors, thermo-resistant and stable at storage temperatures. At high doses it has a rejuvenating effect and can be combined with high rates of RAP/RAS (up to 60%).
  • The reduction in temperatures leads to less oxidation of the binder and therefore increases the durability of the asphalt mix.
  • The reduction in temperatures enables a faster opening to traffic.
  • Increases fatigue resistance by up to 50%, extending the useful life of roads, by an improvement in the tenacity of the asphalt mixtures produced was verified.
  • Increases the water resistance measured with the indirect tensile test and the Cantabrian test.
  • It incorporates amphoteric surfactants guaranteeing the neutral character of the composite base and its stability.
  • Improves resistance to ageing, measured by the Cantabrian test.
  • It contains graphene, which conducts heat and electricity easily, is nearly transparent, and confers many useful properties on substances with which it is mixed. Graphene has a network-like structure that is responsible for the mechanical characteristics of the material that derive from the strong covalent interaction between carbon atoms, improving workability.

Environmental Advantages of BioRoad, Ecological Additive for asphalt

  • BioRoad does not contain VOCs or volatile substances. It is formulated with recycled natural compounds that are exempt from any hazard classification.
  • Reduction of fumes and emissions during the manufacturing process, spreading and compaction of the agglomerate, even at temperatures close to 120°C, the disappearance of fumes, vapors and odors from the binders is verified.
  • Reduction of gas emissions derived from fuel savings (up to 50% fuel reduction).
  • Health, comfort and safe handling of the operators due to the decrease in working temperatures and the use of a non-hazardous vegetable additive.
  • Facilitates the compaction process due to the greater workability of the mix.
  • The CO2 emissions for the manufacture of the BioRoad are minimal, since we use almost all recycled ingredients.

Economic Advantages of BioRoad, Ecological Additive for asphalt

  • Possibility of consuming “local” aggregates with worse adhesiveness compared to bitumen.
  • Up to 50% less fuel consumption in the manufacturing process.
  • Compared to conventional mix, warm mix with BioRoad can be up to €2 cheaper per tonne manufactured.
  • Less wear on plant parts due to lower manufacturing temperatures, which means savings in spare parts and working hours in corrective maintenance.
  • It allows the manufacture of hot mixes at cold ambient temperatures, works with difficult access, transfer and/or long distances from the asphalt plant to the paving.

More information about BioRoad:

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