Technical Advice on Modified Asphalts

Technical Advice on Rubber Modified Asphalt

Asphalt and the road are elements with a very high level of technology. In fact, when executing an asphalting project, it is essential to analyze all possible variables before a construction decision is made: type of road, asphalt layer, traffic, type of aggregate, technical needs of the construction project, namely noise reduction, durability, drainability.

CIRTEC’s team has a technical body that possesses the highest expertise in asphalts, especially in asphalts modified with rubber from end of life tyres (ELT).

CIRTEC has laboratories for asphalt mixtures and bitumens where each project can be analyzed technically, in order for us to be able to advice our customers on the best construction solutions. Our philosophy of quality has enabled us to work together with research centres such as CIDAUT (Foundation for Research and Development in Transport and Energy), or prestigious universities such as Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Polytechnic University of Madrid) and Virginia Tech.

A good product is useless without appropriate technical knowledge about its use. QUALITY GUARANTEE

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CIRTEC is seeking companies to join its project as country or region distributors with an in-depth knowledge of the asphalt industry, with commercial capabilities and, above all, with a genuine commitment to making sustainability work.