NEOTECH ASPHALT - Cirtec distributor in MEXICO

If we worry today, if we take action today, if today we work for the preservation and environment care, we’ll have a better tomorrow for everyone… In NEOTECH ASPHALT we take this principle as a basis for the developing a set of asphaltic solutions, in favor of the reuse of many products, giving them a new life, whose benefit lies in create a better environment for the world, improving the asphaltic pavements user’s life quality…

NEOTECH ASPHALT offers products in pro of the Circular Economy, promoting the waste reuse and making a positive impact in the environment.


Neotech Asphalt is a company specialized in products and services for the road: asphalt emulsions, conventional asphalt, modified asphalt… being its most innovative product Cirtec’s RARx tire powder additive. 


(+52) 464 119 8555

Boulevard Jose María Morelos North Nº 5802, Industrial de Obregón, León de los Aldama, Guanajuato, Zip Code 37290 MÉXICO