MPI - Cirtec distributor in COLOMBIA and PERU

MPI is a leading asphalt technology company for the road sector, civil works and other industries that consume special asphalts. We rely on high technology in the operation and control of processes and products, which allows us to guarantee the highest quality in accordance with the specifications established with the client, always with the utmost respect for the environment. In addition, we have the experience of qualified human talent committed to continuous improvement, one of our greatest business values.

As a leading asphalt technology company, our added value lies in a constant search for improvement in the quality of our products, which allows our customers to satisfy their most demanding needs, always applying better environmental practices.

MPI Products

At MPI we work under the continuous effort to bring new solutions in asphalt technology, implementing improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes, properly managing resources and carrying out comprehensive management of all waste. Among the most advanced solutions we offer are the RARx rubber powder additive and the BioRoad additive with oil residues and innovative components such as graphene.

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