What is RARx?

RARx is a high-tech product made from end-of-life tyre powder (60% of its composition) pre-treated with bitumen and other additives of mineral origin. 

RARx marks an evolution of currently existing technologies, incorporating powdered rubber from end-of-life tyres into asphalt mixtures.

  • The final quality of the product and the digestion of the rubber powder particles are ensured when carrying out this process at the place of origin (wet process).
  • It takes advantage of its versatility and ease of use in asphalt-mixing plants since it is incorporated into the production process of the mixes in question as an additive or an additional fine aggregate (dry process).
asfalto con polvo de neumatico, aditivo RARx

How do you work with RARx?

The main advantage of RARx is its ease of use in asphalt-mixing plants

  • The RARx is sent to the plant in big-bags or tankers.
  • It is stored in one of the filler silos.
  • It is dosed with the aggregates for an even distribution with them before its incorporation into the end product.

In this way, the RARx allows the manufacture of asphalt mixtures of high performances for small works or actions, without energetic extra charges for the plant of manufacture of mixtures and with the versatility of being able to execute works of great or small volume, constant or discontinuous in the time.

What are the advantages of working with RARx?

The asphalt mixes produced with RARx have numerous advantages in different aspects, which can be summed up as follows:

Technical advantages

  • Enhanced durability and useful life of mixes.
  • Better performance against the reflection and permeability of fissures.
  • Increased fatigue strength.
  • Great flexibility, and absence of plastic deformation due to the use of a final mastic asphalt with a high softening point and high viscosity.

Financial advantages

  • Cost savings due to the design of thinner reinforcement layers.
  • Reduced track or road surface maintenance costs owing to the increased durability of the asphalt mix made with rubber.

Environmental and social advantages

  • Low noise level (sound-reducing pavement) compared to other type of mixes, resulting in better standards of living in areas with tracks or roads that have been asphalted using RARx.
  • A reduction in the amount of raw materials necessary for the manufacture of the mix (aggregates, bitumen…), since thinner reinforcement layers can be dimensioned.
  • Maximum use of rubber powder.

European Technical Assessment (ETA) of RARx

ETA Certificate accredits RARx as an industrial product that meets European quality and safety standards.


Self-Declared Environmental Claim (SDEC) of RARx

The SDEC of RARx is the first SDEC of a bituminous product to be put on the market, and like RARx itself, it will be a step forward that will allow us to change the way we understand road projects.


NEW! Testing of two sections of bituminous mixtures made with crumb rubber on the accelerated test track of CET pavements

Accelerated aging tests have been completed on the CEDEX test track, of an AC22 SURF mix made with RARX versus an AC22 SURF mix made by Dry Process with a BC 50/70. The result has demonstrated the validity of the RARx and the behavior of the mixture made, which has in some respects surpassed the mixture made by Dry Process.


Comparative Life Cycle Analysis Study of the rehabilitation of concrete pavements between conventional asphalt mixes and asphalt mix with RARx additive

>> Highway Project Pirámides to Tulancingo (Mexico)

Through the European project “Silent Rubber Pave”, 2020 Horizon, an ACCV Comparative Study has been carried out in the construction of the highway from Pirámides to Tulancingo, which has shown that the use of the Rarx can reduce the environmental footprint caused by the work by 44%.


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