RAPID ASPHALT Cirtec distributor in FRANCE

Rapid Asphalt is a company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution in France of high-quality asphalts made with the most advanced technologies and under the premise of maximum respect for the environment. The construction and maintenance of high-quality roads is a world-class priority today. At Rapid Asphalt we are committed to high-end products to achieve quality, durable roads.


At Rapid Asphalt we are committed to the continuous improvement of our processes and our products in order to offer our customers the most innovative and sustainable asphalt products on the market.


Our added value lies in combining the sustainability of our asphalt products with maximum efficiency, in order to provide our customers with the highest quality service. Among the more innovative products that we currently offer are RARx rubber powder additive, and BioRoad additive, with oil residues and novel components such as graphene.


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Centre-Val de Loire – Francia