CIRTEC - Círculo Tecnológico

CIRTEC, Círculo Tecnológico, enters the market as a company capable of realizing the circular economy on the road, betting on the sustainability of projects and caring for the environment.

The main objective of CIRTEC is to offer the industrial sector, and the construction and civil works sector, products and solutions of a technological nature in order to achieve the concept of circular economy on the road, providing technical solutions for asphalt mixes based on the use of products (rubber powder) obtained from the reuse of end-of-life tyres (ELT) and other waste-derived by-products.

Thus, CIRTEC was born thanks to its RARx predigested tire powder additive, which has generated a real disruption in the road and bituminous mix sector.

CIRTEC, as well as its entire DISTRIBUTION network, has the best human, technical and material resources to offer not only the best products and services, but also highly qualified technical advice.

The CIRTEC project is a worldwide project, to which prestigious companies have already joined as distributors of their products and services.

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CIRTEC is a company that has joined the “Circular Economy Pact”

Cirtec is one of the companies joining the “Circular Economy Pact” led by the Spanish government within the framework of the “Europe 2020 Strategy for Growth” of the European Commission, whose objective is to turn Europe into a more efficient society when it comes to the use of resources.

Further information: Circular Economy Pact, Government of Spain

At Cirtec we take advantage of rubber powder from end-of-life tyres (ELT) to produce sustainable asphalt mixtures with the highest performance, helping to reduce the waste generated by society (tires) and generating, through our activity and R + D + i projects, new high-quality products, such as our RARx additive.

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