CIRTEC (Círculo Tecnológico), ÚNICO, SACYR

CIRTEC, a company of the SACYR group, has established itself in a few years as the best company for the development of additives and technical products for the road, always under a criterion of sustainability.

Its merger with ÚNICO allows it to offer the industrial sector, and the construction and civil works sector, technological products and solutions in order to make the concept of circular economy a reality on the road, providing technical solutions based on employment of products, such as rubber powder, obtained from the reuse of end-of-life tyres (ELT) and other by-products such as recycled oil or alpechín.

RARx, its pre-digested tyre powder additive for asphalt mixes, and BIOROAD, its additive for durable and semi-hard asphalt mixes, have created a real disruption in the road and asphalt mix sector.

The CIRTEC project is a worldwide project, to which prestigious companies have already joined as distributors of their products and services.


CIRTEC and ÚNICO are two of the SACYR group companies, integrated within SACYR GREEN.

SACYR GREEN is the SACYR group’s commitment to sustainability and technological development. A company created to develop projects that allow a real reduction of the carbon footprint, focusing its activity in fields such as energy efficiency and renewable generation, electric and sustainable mobility, and circular economy.

International Distributors of CIRTEC


Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia


Colombia and Perú





Czech Republic, Poland and Netherlands

Middle East

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