CIRTEC - Círculo Tecnológico

Cirtec, Círculo Tecnológico, is born from the union of two large firms, Valoriza Medioambiente and Composan Industrial y Tecnología. The purpose of this partnership is to create a company that is capable of bringing about a real circular economy in road work projects, with a commitment to project sustainability and environmental protection.

The main objective of CIRTEC is to offer public administrations, construction companies, producers of mixtures, engineering firms, planners, etc. technological products and solutions for the road in order to be able to make a reality of the concept of circular economy, providing technical solutions for asphalt mixes based on the use of products (rubber powder) obtained from the reuse of end-of-life tyres (ELT) and other waste-derived by-products.

At CIRTEC we have the best human, technical and material resources, allowing us to carry out – with our customers – not only the manufacture and supply of any type of bitumen rubber and the revolutionary RARx additives, but also to give technical advice within the confines of the highest standards with regard to the performance of tests, working arrangements, dosages, commissioning, quality control, etc.,  in order to ensure the correct execution and design of this type of asphalt mixes with rubber.

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CIRTEC is a company that has joined the “Circular Economy Pact”

Cirtec is one of the companies joining the “Circular Economy Pact” led by the Spanish government within the framework of the “Europe 2020 Strategy for Growth” of the European Commission, whose objective is to turn Europe into a more efficient society when it comes to the use of resources.

This involves replacing a linear economy, based on extraction, production, consumption and waste, for a circular economy in which the materials contained in waste are reintroduced into the production process in order for them to be used for the production of new products or raw materials. At Cirtec, we make use of rubber powder from end-of-life tyres in order to produce extremely high performance asphalt mixes which are economically sustainable, thus helping to reduce the waste generated in our society (tyres), and creating new high-quality products through our activity and RDI projects.

Further information: Circular Economy Pact, Government of Spain

Valoriza Medioambiente

Valoriza Medioambiente is a Spanish company that is part of the Sacyr Group, a benchmark company in the construction and management of infrastructures, active on five continents.

Within the structure of Grupo Sacyr, Valoriza Medioambiente is the flagship of the Environment Area, in charge of managing concessions regarding road cleaning, gardening and maintenance of green spaces, collection of waste from urban centres, and waste treatment and waste management, including recycling plant, biomethanization, composting, incineration and environmental restoration of landfills.

Valoriza Medioambiente manages the largest tyre recycling and end-of-life tyre powder production plant in Europe. It is one of the largest plants in the world, having recycled more than 25 million used tyres since its commissioning.

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Composan Industrial y Tecnología

Composan Industrial y Tecnología is a Spanish company with a professional track record stretching back more than 90 years. It is currently present in dozens of countries from the five continents, where it has attained international recognition and prestige.

Its area of activity covers the research, design, development, manufacture, and distribution of products intended for floors and paving in five key sectors: roads and airports, solutions for industrial flooring and urban pavement, waterproofing, solutions for sport floors, and manufacture of artificial turf.

Its vocation has always been to offer tailor-made solutions to singular problems, with regard to the manufacture and distribution of products as well as in relation to advice concerning these products, which has consolidated its status as a leading company in its field of operations.

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